Controlling Your Fuel System With a MASC


The MASC (Mass Air Sensor Controller) by TRE, uses a microprocessor to modify the MAP sensor output to the logic module.  It gives you 10 ranges of sensor input with which you can adjust the output.  It works similarly to the graphic equalizer on a stereo system.  This unit gives you the most control over the mixture over the entire load range of the sensor.  This unit comes with a 2.5 bar MAP sensor, or you can also use the Super 60 3 bar MAP sensor for up to 30psi of range.

The TRE MASC also doubles as guage set and can display actual boost pressure, oxygen sensor voltage, fuel injector duty cycle, and exhaust gas temperature.  This display mode is shown below:

The TRE MASC can also show one value at a time in bar graph mode, for quick reference.  Here is the oxygen sensor voltage in bar graph mode:

If you take into consideration that the TRE MASC provides about $200 is guages in addition to the fuel curve control, the $600 price tag doesn't look quite as steep.
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