Speed Control (Cruise Control) Switch


This switch (or actually set of switches) is located on the turn signal/windshield wiper control arm mounted to the steering column or on the steering wheel itself on later models.  It is used to operate the speed control (cruise control) option, if available.  The early style "off/on/resume" switch has three positions.  It can toggle the speed control on or off by sliding it in or out along the arm and can activate the resume function by sliding past the on position momentarily.  The "set" switch, outside of the "off/on/resume" switch, is also momentary and is used to set and adjust the vehicle's speed.  Later models have individual buttons for these functions on the steering wheel.  The switches/buttons function as follows:

While driving, activate the speed control by pressing the "set" switch.  This will automatically turn the speed control on if it isn't already.  The vehicle will maintain speed to within +/-2.5 mph of the current speed.  To increase the vehicle's speed, accelerate to the desired speed and press the "set" switch again.  Alternatively, you can momentarily press the set switch and the vehicle's speed will increase by 2.5 mph each time it is pressed.  To decrease speed, turn the "off/on/resume" switch to the off position, decelerate to the desired speed, and press the "set" switch again.  Alternatively, you can press and hold the "set" switch, which will temporarily disable the speed control, and release it when the desired speed is reached.  The resume option is activated when the "off/on/resume" switch is momentarily pressed to the resume position.  This option allows you to resume the previous vehicle speed stored in the logic module when the speed control was last canceled.  The speed control can only be canceled by pressing the brake or clutch pedal while the speed control is activated.  If the speed control or vehicle is turned off, the stored speed is erased.

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Updated 12/19/2003.

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