Easier Axle and Speed Sensor Removal


To prevent making a huge mess on the ground when removing an axle or the speed/distance sensor, you can use this method:

  1. This is an easy one:  Simply jack the car up at an angle so that the axle or sensor you are removing is at the high end.  If you are pulling the left axle, you need a jack stand at the front and rear of the car holding the end you want up.  If you are pulling the right axle or the sensor, you should only need to jack up the front, right corner.  If you don't own jack stands and do this kind of work you should have bought jack stands a long time ago.  They are the safest way to jack up any car.  Never trust a floor jack (hydraulic or otherwise) to hold the car up while you are underneath it.  It is important to be cautious and to make sure the jack stands cannot slip out.  I was able to replace my speed sensor with my stands at their lowest position.  Be careful.
  2. Jack the front end first and set it down on the stand at it's lowest position.  The safest place to put the stand is under the outer anti-sway (torsion) bar mounting bracket.  Orient the stand so that the bracket is captured by the cup of the jack stand.  This way the stand cannot slide out.  If you are raising the right side, skip to step 6.
  3. Jack the back of the car to the final height that you want and set it on the jack stand under the main, rear cross member that runs directly between the two wheels (the axle). Be sure to jack the back end slowly and watch the front jack stand to make sure it is not tipping.  Orient the stand so that the axle is captured by the cup of the jack stand and slide the stand all the way out to the tire so that the tire keeps the jack stand from sliding out.
  4. Now, jack the front end up to the final height that you want and orient the jack stand the same as before.
  5. With the car up on the stands, look at the base of both jack stands to ensure that they are sitting flat on the ground.  If they are not, jack up that end again and orient the jack stand properly.
  6. To lower the car, follow the same procedure in reverse order.

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Updated 11/04/2003.

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